Disclosure Packet Request

Managing Agent shall furnish Disclosure Packet for resales in accordance with applicable state statutes upon receipt of written requests and fees shall be paid to Association Management Group, LLC by the Seller. Payment shall be made at settlement or within 60 days of the delivery of the disclosure packet, whichever occurs first.

Maximum allowable fees are regulated by the Common Interest Community Board. The Common Interest Community Board will readjust the Disclosure Packet fees every five years. The next mandatory CPI adjustment will occur in 2028.

Disclosure Packet Fees:

Lot Inspection as necessary and authorized to prepare the packet $141.31, plus any of the options listed below:

  • Preparation and delivery of a hard copy [paper format] $211.96
  • Electronic format $176.64
  • Additional fee to expedite $70.66
  • Pre-settlement updates $70.66
  • Post-Closing fee charged to the purchaser $70.66 to update ownership records.
  • Additional copy $35.33

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